Endodontic engagement: The GP and endodontist can achieve more as a team.

Brett Gilbert

The pulse

(Excerpt from EndoPracticeUS.com)

To truly feel the current pulse in dentistry, you must listen to what other dentists are thinking and saying. Online message boards are a great place to participate in the conversations that dentists are having. These forums give us a sense of the current trends. Social media is the emerging wave of communication for the younger generation of dentists. New grads are active participants online, focusing a light on what all dentists are thinking and feeling. Seasoned dentists also take advantage of this digital age by being able to readily share and learn from dentists far outside their local circles.

When the digital conversation turns to endodontics, it is clear that there are two overwhelming trends regarding endodontic treatment. First, there is a recognizable disparity in the competence and confidence between endodontists and general practitioners in performing successful root canal treatment. Second, new dental grads do not feel they have had enough clinical experience doing root canals in school to be confident in their endodontic skills. After dental school, general dentists have a limited amount of focus and energy to devote to endodontics with so much else to learn. Endodontic growth must be sought out by the clinician, and there are only so many hours in a day.