Comprehensive Communication, Comprehensive Care by Dr. Brett E. Gilbert

Comprehensive Communication, Comprehensive Care

A modern approach doesn’t require dentists to choose between efficiency or patient satisfaction, because it bridges between both. by Brett E. Gilbert, DDS “Patient-centered care” may be new buzzword in general health care,…
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Live Dental Experience


Full day lecture covering all aspects of endodontic treatment including: diagnosis, anesthesia, radiology, CBCT, access, canal location, irrigation, instrumentation, obturation, retreatment techniques, post removal, separated instrument removal, perforation repair, surgical techniques, pharmacology and more.
LIVE Root Canal Treatment

LIVE From New York

On a balmy July evening last summer, I received a text message with a very exciting and unique invitation.  The invitation was to perform a live root canal treatment in front of 500 dentists at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in New York City.   My initial reaction was one of pure excitement and adrenaline!
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Incisal Edge - High Honors

“IF YOUTH ONLY KNEW; if age only could.” That classic French proverb, which captures perfectly the seeming futility of so much human endeavor, gets turned on its tête by the 10 all-star educators on these two pages, who despite their relative youth possess both the considerable knowledge and the pedagogical means to transmit it.
Dr Brett Gilbert

Endodontic engagement

To truly feel the current pulse in dentistry, you must listen to what other dentists are thinking and saying. Online message boards are a great place to participate in the conversations that dentists are having. These forums give us a sense of the current trends.