1. Energized Endodontics: Strategies for Safe and Successful Treatment

Formats available: Full day lecture with half-day workshop, Half day lecture with half-day workshop

Course Description:

The most current innovations in Endodontics today are allowing us to perform safer and more successful root canal treatments.   Emerging technology is setting a new standard of care.  From the use of CBCT for imaging and diagnostics, safer instrumentation with twisted nickel titanium instruments, and advanced irrigation and obturation, we can provide better root canal therapy than ever before.

This one or two-day multi-media immersion into the world of endodontic innovation will allow participants to learn mindful case selection, risk management, predictable diagnostic skills and safe access and canal location with the use of ultrasonic instruments. Instrumentation with adaptive reciprocation allows for stress free canal preparation.  Irrigation is the key to success in endodontics and apical negative pressure irrigation is a safe and thorough technique to clean the apical third of the root canal system.  Three dimensional obturation by the warm vertical technique will allow you to provide your patients with top quality endodontic care.

The course presents evidence-based support, in-depth high definition video demonstrations of techniques along with ample hands on training.  The aim is to exercise your mind and grow your endodontic skills.   The presentation leads you, step by step, through the root canal treatment process starting with case selection and completing with artful obturation and patient management.   

This interactive course will allow you to feel updated on the latest advances in endodontic practice.  The goal of this course is for you to return to your office feeling enthused and confident about your root canal treatments.

Learning Objectives:

  1.  To learn the classifications and processes of diagnosing and treating endodontic cases.
  2.  To learn advanced understanding of root canal anatomy and techniques for safe access and canal location
  3.  To understand the current innovations in armamentarium and techniques of root canal treatment with HD video demonstrations through the microscope.
  4.  To provide a hands on learning experience to practice the new techniques and build confidence in the participants ability to provide endodontic care to their patients.

2. Opening Our Eyes to CBCT In Endodontics: A View from the Inside

Format available:  Half day presentation with workshop

Course Decscription:

The use of CBCT in Endodontics has become the standard of care for specialists.  Viewing the teeth and surrounding structures in three dimensions allows for a more accurate understanding of the anatomy, pathology and overall oral health of our patients.   CBCT technology allows for the visual dissection of the dental structures to increase our ability to diagnosis, plan, perform, and evaluate the outcome of endodontic procedures.   The focus of this course is to learn how to apply CBCT to the assessment of the pulpal and periodontal anatomy, determination of a diagnosis, uncovering pulpal canals and assessing healing outcomes.   This course will conclude with the presentation of a clinical case highlighting how the skills learned assisted in the successful completion of the case.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To learn how CBCT can enhance the understanding of the anatomy of the dental and surrounding structures and how this helps to determine a definitive endodontic diagnosis.
  2. To learn how the information from a CBCT volume can assist in the location of the endodontic structures during treatment.
  3. To learn how the use of CBCT can help to accurately assess the healing of endodontic cases to better understand the clinical outcome of our procedures.

Other presentations Offered:

1. Innovations in Endodontic Irrigation (2 hours)

2. The Essentials of Endodontic Emergencies: Diagnosis, Access and Infection Management (2 hours)